5 things you didn’t know

1. Ketchup paper cups fan out.  Yes, these are meant to fan out so we don’t have to take many of them or constantly be going back for more.

2. We use a lot of toothpaste.


Did you know that we only need a portion of toothpaste as big as the size of a bean to brush our teeth? Yeah… that’s why it keeps falling to the sink!

3. Straw holder.

I don’t know how many of this we’ve had, but the straw is always uncomfortable. Until we find out this knack.

4. Probably you hadn’t realized that saucepans had a spoon holder.


Go! Go and tell your mom! Or whoever cooks in your house!

5. You, us.


Yes, sometimes we walk not knowing who we are. Just like the examples above. There is always a knack you find out.

Ask yourself this:

Why was I born? What’s my purpose here on earth? Do I really know why was I created for?

Well, the Bible says that God’s will is good, pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:2)

I’m sure that the will of God, before anything else is that we have a relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ.

God also wants that we become Jesus’ disciples.

If you don’t know Jesus and/or don’t have a relationship with Him, but you want to, I invite you to do this prayer with us.

Jesus, I don’t know you/I don’t know a lot about you, but I want to have a relationship with you. I recognize that I have sinned against you. I ask you for forgiveness and I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I give you my life and everything I am. Come and live in my heart, guide my steps and thoughts.


If you did this prayer or you liked it, leave us a comment or write us an email to:


Share this with whoever may need it. Amen.

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